6 reasons to play Murdered: Soul Suspect on Nvidia Shield

Murdered: Soul Suspect

If you still haven't gotten around to trying out GeForce NOW, the game streaming service that lets you enjoy an ever-expanding lineup of great games on your favorite NVIDIA SHIELD device, now is a great time to fix that. You can get to work on solving an unusual mystery in Murdered: Soul Suspect, or play numerous other titles that came to the service in previous months.

A new video highlights some key reasons you might turn to Murdered: Soul Suspect in particular.

The most obvious of those reasons is the intriguing plot, which revolves around a police detective named Ronan O'Connor who is caught in a sort of investigative limbo after being murdered by a serial killer in the city of Salem. If he wants to enjoy the afterlife with the company of the lovely wife who predeceased him, he'll need to get to the bottom of a string of murders that held his mind and soul captive.

The investigation explores a variety of gameplay mechanics. Since Ronan is a ghost, he'll have to investigate the world from an unusual perspective. His search for a killer is made more difficult by the fact that he can't enter some buildings without someone else opening the door on his behalf, and he can't interact with physical objects in the usual manner (though computers are subject to his whims). He can also invade minds and even recruit felines to do his bidding, so that's helpful.As Ronan explores the city, he'll also run into demons. Those hideous creatures have plans for his soul that don't involve happy picnics with his lady friend in the peaceful hereafter, to put things mildly, so there's plenty of tension even though the detective no longer has anything to fear from a hail of bullets or a fall from a second story window.

Ronan isn't the only spirit wandering the Salem streets, either. He'll find other lost souls, and if he takes the time to investigate their backstory, he'll make an improvement in their afterlives while perhaps enriching his own (and in the process, perhaps stumbling across some neat references to other games from publisher Square Enix).

Murdered: Soul Suspect is now available to instantly stream on NVIDIA SHIELD with a membership to GeForce NOW (free for three months and just $7.99/month after that).

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