5 things you need to try in the Outriders demo

At long last, Square Enix's Outriders demo is upon us, which means players can finally suit up, and take the planet Enoch by storm.

Shortly after the game starts, chaos ensues and a powerful electrical storm known as ‘The Anomaly’ tears through the world, giving the inhabitants of Enoch superpowers. And you become the last line of defence to an otherwise doomed civilisation. 

The Outrider demo offers us four classes, each with unique abilities, legendary equipment to discover, and side missions that feel just as important as the main objective. Here are just a few of the essential things you need to try to get the most out of the Outriders demo. 

Try all of the different classes and abilities

In the Outriders demo there are four classes to choose from, each class grants the player special abilities to help them tear up the battlefield in unique and exciting ways. Players will get the chance to build upon these paths by choosing one of three subclasses once the full game releases in April. So, now really is the perfect time to start sculpting the foundation for a powerful Outrider.

The Trickster Class

The Trickster is a class for those sneaky players that like to mess with the fabric of time itself. When you’re in a high octane gunfight and you need to gain the edge on the battlefield, simply bend time and space to your will, pump your foes full of lead and zip out of there in the blink of an eye. 

The Pyromancer Class

For players that are feeling extra spicy, the Pyromancer class will give them a sizzling boost in battle. Subclasses include Ash Breaker, Fire Storm, and Tempest to help them heat things up.... As the saying goes “If you can’t stand the heat, you shouldn’t have picked a fight with an Outrider”.

The Devastator Class

The Devastator class is brutal, putting the power of seismic shifts and heavy blows in your hands to ruin groups of enemies with brute force. The Devastator role is designed for players who like to stand their ground as a tank. Creating tremors that ground your foes with the ‘earthquake’ ability and deflecting projectiles with the ‘Golem’ skill are just some of the ground shattering abilities you can expect as a Devastator.

The Technomancer Class

And finally the Technomancer Class. Besides it being the coolest name for a class, the Technomancer class gives you the ability to use hightech gadgets. Throw down turrets to deal a crushing blow against enemies, or to pull the attention away from you as you flank and fire from a better angle.

Give all of the weapons a try

From limb destroying shotguns, to going akimbo with sharp snappy pistols, players will want to try all of the weapons the game has to offer. Certain weapons compliment certain playstyles. For example, the player that likes to get up close and personal using the Devastator class, will find that a shotgun would serve them well. Whilst players with the Technomancer class may prefer to keep their distance using a sniper rifle, and have their turret do the dirty work.

Players have the freedom to mix up their equipment with their powers until they find what’s comfortable for them (and uncomfortable for anyone in their way). So, giving each weapon in the Outriders demo a try, is a must!  

Get your hands on a legendary weapon

Although legendary weapons aren’t the easiest to get ahold of, there are many benefits to finding one. Without needing to mention the obvious boost in fire power, or the fact they look extremely badass, the biggest benefit to legendary weapons are the powerful mods they come with. There are 10 in the demo and you can find them by completing side quests and exploring the world. Then, once the full game arrives, you’ll be able to extract these mods to use in future weapons. 

Complete a side mission

There are four side quests to get stuck into in the Outriders demo. Meaning, plenty of content to keep you and your squad busy the full release on April 1st.

Players can grab these extra quests from NPCs that are scattered around the hub: Rift Town.

Replaying side quests is a great way to get next level loot from harder enemies, with the potential of finding legendary weapons.

Squad Up with Friends 

Taking on the world of Enoch can be a challenge, even with godlike abilities at your fingertips. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Up to three players can squad up, and jump in a firefight together.

And, to make things even better, the Outriders demo supports cross platform. Meaning, players can fight alongside friends whether they’re on Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox.

Good news for anyone who prefers a nice single player game, the whole campaign can be played as a solo experience too. Using the settings, you can keep all of those pesky Outriders out of your world, so that you’re free to level up and loot at your own speed. 

The Outriders demo arrived February 25th and is available for download on Steam, the PlayStation store. and the Microsoft store. 

Any progress made on the demo, including skills, loot, and quests will be carried over to the full game, which arrives on April 1st 2021