Titanfall teases 'biggest update' details for tomorrow

All has gone pretty quiet on the Titanfall front since the release of the IMC Rising map pack last month, but it looks like we'll be getting some big news soon. According to the official Titanfall Twitter account, Respawn will livestream a presentation tomorrow with details on the game's 'biggest update' yet.

The presentation will kick off October 22, 10AM PDT on Twitch (that's 5pm in the UK and 3am in Australia). No other clues were provided regarding what the update entails, though I'm betting on new game modes.

While some have questioned Titanfall's longevity, Samuel Roberts wrote last week that he's still playing it. "I am a giant robot, staying out of the way, tracing the shifting battlefield, popping out from around corners when your titan is at half health to belt you with a robot punch."


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