Path of Exile gets October 23 release date, new Scion prestige class

Tom Sykes

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Path of Exile has been in beta for roughly 8,000 years, but its journey is finally about to come to an end. As revealed to Shacknews , the free-to-play action RPG will escape open beta and emerge blinking into the real world on October 23rd, accompanied by a new prestige class.

That new class is the Scion, a nobleman's daughter exiled for killing her husband back on the mainland. She's a bit tricky to play as, apparently - as she's located near the middle of Exile's staggeringly huge skill tree - so she won't be unlocked until you've completed the game. Other new things we can expect from the launch: six new areas, boss fights, and a more satisfying conclusion to the game, along with more story-based content further down the line.

If you can't wait two-and-a-bit weeks, Path of Exile's open beta is still very much open and, er, in beta.

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