Operation: Detonator promises an explosive weekend of Mass Effect 3 co-op

Phil Savage


The latest Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event will be called Operation: Detonator, and will run from today through till Sunday. According to a Bioware post about the event: "Recent setbacks have prompted changes in unit composition. Turian cabal theory is now dominant training paradigm. N7 units will now be deployed with pairs or higher percentages of biotics wherever available to maximize effectiveness."

I've just run that description through my nonsense translator, and it's come back as "yay, 'splosions!"

It's an individual challenge that requires you to earn 20,000 Biotic Explosion points, with only killing blows made by the combo counting towards your total.

Biotic Explosions are the result of a combination of various powers, the specifics of which are far too detailed to go into, but are nicely summarised on this Mass Effect wiki page . Obviously you're going to want to focus on classes and races with high Biotic skill.

Players that successfully complete the event will be awarded a Commendation Pack, which has some nice weapons in it.

Anyone still digging Mass Effect's surprisingly good Horde-a-like? I must admit, after playing it loads around launch, I've not been back to see what the free content updates have added to the mode.

Thanks, Joystiq .

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