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Sponsored Post: Vindictus quick start guide


Vindictus, Nexon's source powered action MMO is coming to Europe soon with its new Xtreme Edition . So we've put together a quick guide to taking your first steps into this new world.

Choose your champion

There are three characters in Vindictus, representing three very different styles of play. Fiona is a heavily armoured tank, Lann is a dual wielding DPS master and Evie is an explosive mage. We'll be doing deeper guides on each one later this week. Once you've picked your character and tweaked their appearance, you'll begin the game proper.

Sail away

You begin the game in the town of Colhen, your hub and safe zone, here you can talk to NPCs, get quests and go shopping. Dungeons are heavily instanced in Vindictus, so if you want to enter one you'll have to head down to the docks. Vindictus' grouping systems are done via boats, with players riding them into to the instanced battles. Search the available boats if you want to find a group, or launch your own to invite friends. Ignore the furthest boat to the left, that one is for fishing, which you can try out once you've settled in.

Smash and grab

Vindictus is all about combat. Brutal, physics driven combat. Click your left mouse to land a light attack or right click to land a powerful smash attack. It's a simple system, but the array of combos that emerges from stringing these moves together is surprisingly fun. For example Lann's Thousand Needles combo begins with four light attacks; an additional left click and right click will end the sequence with a jab and sideswipe combo while letting go of the direction keys and left clicking again adds a powerful ground shockwave attack.

The real joy though, comes from using the physics objects knocked free by your wild attacks. Any object in the area can be grabbed and thrown or used to pummel enemies into submission. Just walk up to your improvised weapon of choice and press the E key to pick it up. As your strength increases you'll be able to lift heavier objects. The same key can also be used to grab monsters, making them vulnerable to more powerful attacks.

Tapping the space bar and a direction will will execute a dodge move, letting you sidestep enemy attacks, while pressing space while standing still will make Fiona attempt to block. Learning these defensive moves is vitally important when using Lann and Fiona, and we'll cover these moves in more depth in their character spotlight articles.

Fighting monsters is what makes Vindictus great, so get stuck in as fast as possible. You can find out more at the Vinductus Website .