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Sponsored Post: Vindictus character spotlight - Evie


In Nexon's new action MMO Vindictus, characters are synonymous with classes. There will be three different characters to choose from when the game launches in Europe, and we're going to be taking a look at them one by one.

Today it's the turn of Evie, the pyrotechnic mage girl, whose showy spells make her easily the most visually spectacular of the four characters.

Evie is a young girl from an Eastern noble family with a talent for magic and alchemy. She is the weakest and most vulnerable of the four characters, but is capable of dishing out a lot of damage with her magic attacks, healing her allies and creating golems to do her bidding.

Evie can wield either a staff or a scythe. The staff makes her a more traditional mage character, emphasising her magical attacks and pets, while the scythe transforms her into a fast moving close combat character, capable of good melee damage and possessing a very useful teleport ability.

Key Skills

Firebolt - No mage character is complete without some form of fireball spell, and Evie is no exception. Firebolt is a very powerful area attack that requires a brief charge up to unleash. As such it has to be timed well, or alternatively used when teaming with a melee companion to group enemies together before blowing them to bits.

Create Golem - Evie's most impressive looking spell requires her to reach level 42 to learn, but the journey is worth it. Create Golem makes clever use of Vindictus' physics system by building your pet out of random objects in the environment. The creation is a violent one, with the objects whirling around before forming together, this will injure both enemies and allies who are hit during the spell, so be careful!

If you enjoy commanding the elements with powerful and spectular spell effects, then Evie is the girl for you. You can find out more at the Vinductus Website .