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EVE Academy is EVE Online’s New Tell-All Resource

EVE Online’s famed battleships are in the background, moving toward the camera. IN the center is EVE Academy’s logo, reading EVE Academy. A subtitle below reads “Your guide to New Eden.”
(Image credit: CCP Games)

EVE Online has been one of the cornerstones of online gaming for nearly 20 years. With a legacy like that, it’s not only rich in content and lore, but to those just stepping in for the first time, it might come across as fathoms deep. Thankfully, there’s a new resource to make your first steps, or even returning ones, into celestial combat more straightforward and accessible than ever before.

EVE Academy is a new, one-stop-shop for everything EVE Online in conjunction with EVE’s community partners for novice pilots and veterans alike. This comprehensive resource details career paths, resources for both newcomers and lapsed players, tips and tricks, and more all in one, easy to read and digest place. It contains articles, guides, and videos detailing all of EVE Online’s intricate mechanics and features for all players, wherever you are on your journey in New Eden.

Whether you’re a new player who’s just completed the tutorial, or a returning player who might not know where to go or what to do next, EVE Academy is an excellent resource for hammering down the basics and polishing your skills--and you won’t need an anthology to understand any of it (but we do recommend them for some out of this world puns). 

EVE Academy does this by breaking down four unique player career paths:

Enforcer: End of the day, this player earns their keep and takes names too. Enforcers are focused on completing missions, rising through the ranks, and making lots and lots of money from NPC Corporations. 

Explorer: This adventurer class is perfect for players who love to explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy. They are specialists in discovering relics, data vaults, pirate strongholds, and shortcuts.

Industrialist: This career path scratches an engineering itch. Industrialist players are at the core of what keeps the EVE economy well-oiled and running smoothly. They are experts in salvaging and mining and producing and selling ships, weapons, and modules. 

Soldier of Fortune: For players who love PVP, this career path is a solid choice. These Capsuleers aren’t afraid of venturing where others wouldn’t dare to go. But where there is a high risk, the rewards are even more plentiful.

But it’s not just for skills and tips. EVE Academy makes diving into New Eden’s 8,000 solar systems more immersive, more fun, and more approachable. It has in-depth guides for character building, player-vs-player battles and interplayer wars, building industrial corporations from the ground up, and joining NPC empires.

A masculine character with a mohawk and goggles is superimposed over a planet and its moon in the background. In the foreground, ships are battling with one another, from right to left.

(Image credit: CCP Games)

EVE Academy also lays out an achievable roadmap of goals and guidance throughout its content. No matter where you are in your New Eden space exploration journey, there’s a resource to help you go about your extraterrestrial expeditions confidently.

An example of one of its roadmaps is known as “The Magic 14.” These are suggested skills for every EVE Online player to have under their belt. These skills are broadly applicable to all classes in the game, and will help keep your skill queue full. This plan includes details on skills related to armor, targeting, navigation, and more. 

Of course, as the game grows, so will the content available on EVE Academy. For all this, everything in-between, and even more, head on over to EVE Academy’s official website