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Dragon Raja x Evangelion is now on PC

Dragon Raja Redmoon
(Image credit: Archosaur Games)
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Doomsday is coming, and the world is once more under siege by an army of extra-terrestrial monstrosities.  Unfortunately for them, humanity isn’t about to go down without a fight. Earth is ours, and nothing — not even an ancient alien threat — is going to take it from us. 

That’s the current backdrop of Dragon Raja, a free to play MMORPG developed by Archosaur Entertainment. With up to 10 classes including the illusionist (Magic Owner), Blade Master (Tank), Gunslinger (Ranged DPS), Assassin (Hybrid DPS), Soul Dancer (Mage) and others—you'll step onto the frontlines against the terrifying Angels of Evangelion fame. Armed both with your own supernatural powers and advanced technology, you’ll show them beyond any shadow of a doubt that the world is not theirs to destroy. 

Android / iOS Download Free Here

PC Download Free Here 

Dragon Raja x Evangelion NERV Outfits

(Image credit: Archosaur Games)

Sounds pretty exciting, right? It gets better. 

Originally released exclusively on Android and iOS, Dragon Raja is now officially available on PC. Featuring enhanced graphics, optimized gameplay and controls, and full support for crossplay, the PC launch is also happening simultaneously with the second Dragon Raja x Evangelion crossover. Now for a limited time only, experience an all-new exclusive story, alongside the chance to unlock the EVA-01 and EVA 02'γ vehicles for permanent use.

Choose a battle strategy. Join an offensive or defensive camp. Choose your allies, and save the world from doomsday. 

Dragon Raja X Evangelion Exclusive Battle Uniforms

(Image credit: Archosaur Games)

Dragon Raja x Evangelion also comes with a whole new limited event—Evangelion-exclusive duels, which pit players against one another in card-matching battles. 

Finally, over the course of the launch event, developer Archosaur Games will also be releasing two limited battle uniforms, the outfits of Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami. Better yet, in celebration of the launch, the developer has dialed up login rewards to 11.

Everything from an exclusive profile picture frame to Evolution Stones are up for grabs. Players who join one of the two new PC servers will also receive a leg up in both cosmetics and character progression with five Polishing Dyes and five Underworld Flames. And should the number of concurrent PC players exceed the developer's milestone, there's the potential for even better loot. 

Great rewards, exclusive items, and a ton of limited-time stories and events — what's not to love? 

Download Dragon Raja for free on Android/iOS or PC. 

About Archosaur Games 

As the developer and publisher of Dragon Raja, Archosaur games has been embedded in the American and European gaming markets for years. Leveraging the new Unreal Engine, it regularly revisits and optimizes its existing titles, even as it works to develop new experiences. You can learn more about it at https://dragonraja.archosaur.com, or follow their Facebook Page for news and updates.