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Risk of Rain update to add two new classes, one of which owns a grappling hook

In lieu of a promised Arena mode, Risk of Rain developers Hopoo Games are adding two new classes to their sidescrolling genre mashup instead. (It's a little like a MOBA roguelike, although that doesn't feel quite right as a descriptor either.) There's no word on how these classes will behave yet, but there is a brief gif revealing that one of them will have hydraulic arms and a grappling hook. You know, like your mum. This automatically makes them the best class in any game.

Here's Hopoo explaining why Arena mode won't make it, while announcing that 10 new items will. "The Arena mode we said on Kickstarter was a cool idea before the game was finished. When we added that stretch goal, we didn't plan to be able to 'loop' the game forever; once we added that in, the Arena mode seemed a bit… redundant. However, it wouldn't be fair to do nothing, so to replace that, we decided to simply add 2 new classes and 10 new items in the same patch."

I'm going to call one of them the Grappler, and not just because they enjoy mixing grapes with apples for a healthy breakfast. Here's the Grappler doing their thing. Their thing being grappling.

There's no specific date for this latest patch, but expect it to be "comin @ ur face soon".