World of Warships trailer shows a perfect storm of boating battles

I know it's implied in their name, but really love war. They're making three persistent online free-to-play battlers: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. It all a bit violent, isn't it? Couldn't they try World of Puppies? Or World of Hugs?

Sticking with what actually exists, they've released a trailer for the third game in the series, World of Warships, which is gearing up to start alpha testing "soon".

Warships is an interesting prospect, featuring the biggest, most destructive vehicles of war the series has yet seen. The game's website hints at the scope Wargaming are hoping to achieve:

"To apply the great variety of tactics, players will have several types of combat vessels at their command, including aircraft carriers that provide long-range air support keeping distant from actual combat, powerful battleships and heavy cruisers able to scarify the enemy with their looks alone, and light and agile destroyers using deadly group attacks."

Eventually, Wargaming plan to link all three games together under a single overworld map, letting players fight in a multi-discipline struggle for global domination. We've already seen the first steps of this process, with the announcement of Unified Premium Accounts .


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