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Microsoft: "PC gaming is not dead”

Matt Purslow at

Microsoft have been talking at GDC today about their Games for Windows system, and have proclaimed that "PC gaming is not dead" (like we didn't know already).

Speaker Kev Gee explained at the talk that Microsoft have been using Steam to survey users and learn about their hardware, and have come to the conclusion that the figures clearly show that: “PC gaming is alive, well, vibrant and in good health. PC gaming is not dead.” He explained that the PC games market has seen a 3% increase in growth at retail, which demonstrates the demand for boxed copes of PC games is rising, proving that interest in the platform is alive and well.

This of course is great news for all of us; you guys don't have to fear about PC games dwindling and dying, and we all get to keep our jobs. Huzzah!

Games for Windows takes pop at Activision

Tim Edwards at

Yesterday, Activision boss and controversy magnet Bobby Kotick came out in favour of 'open platforms' and 'gamer friendly PCs'. Today, the Games for Windows Live bit of Microsoft are taking a pop at him.