A tour of Altis, Arma 3's main map

Evan Lahti at

The experience of fighting in Arma owes a lot to the terrain. The war sim’s style of sandboxy, undirected combat means that skirmishing in Chernarus, helicoptering through barren Takistan, or sneaking through the jungles of Lingor each have a distinct personality that arises from the contour and color of the landscape.

It’s a big deal, then, when Bohemia drops the biggest, densest Arma map that’s ever mapped. The Czech studio just patched Altis into the development build of the Arma 3 beta on Steam. I’ve taken a moment to swoop around in Arma 3’s new Splendid Camera mode and bookmark some spots that I find tactically exciting.

Arma 3 map might be bigger than you ever imagined

Patrick Carlson at

Arma 3 is a game with a vast landscape. Its Altis launch map is 270 square kilometers, giving players in the military sim a worthy sandbox to explore and make their own. But how does the map compare to other well-known game worlds, both big and small? Bohemia Interactive game designer Karel Mořický has assembled a handy guide to try and do just that.