Sir, You Are Being Hunted brings new screens; extremely polite robots out for your blood

Richard Cobbett at

Friend of PC Gamer, Mr. Jim Rossignol wishes it to be known that his new Gaming Endeavour For Gentlemen And Ladies, colloquially known as Sir, You Are Being Hunted continues its Gestation with much Alacrity. Featuring a British Countryside Generator to provide a Classy Hunting Ground without requiring those involved to sacrifice that most civilised of rituals, Afternoon Tea, and robots which make anything better by simple dint of Being Robots, it is looking quite fine indeed.

God save our gracious queen, long live our- what? She's been killed by robots? Never mind then.

Enter a world unlike any you've ever seen before. Unless you've been to Boroughbridge, obviously.

Turns out The Most Dangerous Game is no longer Real World Naked Motorway Frogger. Or Man.

Find out more about how the game is shaping up in this blog post over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. No release date has been announced yet, but friend or not, we're looking forward to playing this one.