Eve Online's rookie ships redesigned

Tom Senior at

Eve Online's rookie ships are finally getting a makeover. The increasing intricacy of Eve's ship design over the years has slowly left the tiny starting vessels behind, so it's probably about time they received an update. You can examine the concept art for the redesigned rookie ships on the Eve Online dev blog. They look pretty swish, but it's worth noting that the old ones didn't look bad at all, apart from the Reaper, which looks like several satellites trying to mate.

You check out the dev diary above for a look at how CCP went about designing the new craft and read on to see the old and new designs side by side. If you're interested in trying out Eve Online, you can sign up for the 14 day free trial and pilot the new vessels for yourself when they're released.

The old Reaper. Spindly and weird.

The new, chunkier Reaper. He's been at the Kit Kats.

The boxy old Ibis.

The sleek, curvy new Ibis.

The old Impairor. Probably the best looking Eve starter ship.

The new Impairor. Still sexy.

The lumpy, organic old Velator.

The new Velator. Not quite as interesting to my eyes.