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And in other PC gaming news...

Creatures may be disappearing from Diablo 3 , but there are more soon to be added to Minecraft. The video above shows the three new varieties of Ocelot. They can be found in the new jungle biomes, and tamed with fresh fish. D'aww.

Elsewhere, Aliens: Colonial Marines gained a few months of development time. Hopefully Gearbox can get those shiny alien heads all polished up before Autumn rolls around. Bioware lost their dictionary but found a way to make us excited about Mass Effect 3's multiplayer in the latest trailer and CD Projekt Red made us smile the smile of someone about to get lots of free stuff when they unveiled their plans for The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition . Hooray!

But what else has been happening? Monaco, Portal, Battlefield 3 and the Binding of Isaac all feature in the following list of links for the day, presented for your perusal in no special order.

  • DICE tell MP1st that the MAV riding bug, beautifully exploited in this video , will be patched soon. Nyooo!

  • Ever left a game to get a drink and then returned to find your character dancing? Edge takes a look at idle animations .

  • The lovely Craig P, who used to sit just opposite me, posts about a neat new Portal mod over on the Rock Paper Shotgun .

  • Evil Avatar have the latest trailer for Blacklight: Retribution .

  • This is what designing a Monaco level would look like if it was made reallyreallyfast.

  • In a not-at-all sinister move, Square invite you to join its Hitman community, The Barcode Society .

  • An "Unholy" edition of Binding of Isaac is arriving on Steam in March, VG247 report .

  • Kotaku mention that PixelJunk is coming to PC .

Pets in games are brilliant. I tend to roll as a pet class when possible in RPGs and MMOs. Why should I bother killing ten boars myself when I can let servile creatures kill ten boars for me? What are your favourite examples of animals in games?

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