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Win tickets to the ESL One New York Dota 2 tournament

Esl One Event

Attention New York area-dweller and/or person capable of teleportation: we’re giving away two tickets to the ESL One New York next weekend, October 9-10. If you like Dota 2 and you’ll be in the area to attend, we’d love for you to win these.

The big prize is two premium tickets, valued at $270 each. Enter here. Eight teams will be competing for a more than $113,000 prize pool over two days in Madison Square Garden. We'll select winners early next week. We've also got a secondary prize of 10 ESL One New York t-shirts (shown below), so even if you won't be in town to watch some Dota, there's a secondary item to win.

eslOne pcGamer giveaway v2

Evan Lahti
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