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Weaponized mackeral: the new TF2 item list

Gotta admit...that's a mighty-fine hat.

Love'em or hate'em, you'll want to know what they are. Here's the full catalog of purchasable (or earnable) items that Valve's rolling out today with the Mann-conomy update.

The Soldier Tank Buster Set

With all three equipped, you get +20% sentry damage resistance

The Black Box - Gives you +15 Health, reduces ammo clip size by 25%

The Battalion's Backup – Level 10 Battle Banner – Defensive buff that protects nearby team members from critical and blocks 35% of all incoming damage. Range increases the more damage you take.

Hat: The Grenadier's Softcap

Scout Special Delivery Set

With all four pieces equipped, you get +25% health

Mad Milk – Thrown weapon. Players heal 75% of the damage inflicted on an enemy covered in milk

The Shortstop – Slows down your target's movement

The Holy Mackeral – “Getting hit by a fish has got to be humiliating.”

Hat: The Milkman

Pyro  Gas Jockey's Gear

With all three equipped, you move 10% faster but take 10% more damage from bullets

The Degreaser flamethrower – 65% faster weapon switch, 25% less burn damage

The Powerjack - +25 damage done, +75% health restored by killing an enemy, no random critical hits.

Hat: The Attendant

Sniper Croc-o-Style Kit

When all four pieces are worn, the wearer can't be killed by heatshots

Darwin's Danger Shield – gives you 25% health boost

The Bushwacka –Full criticals whenever you'd normally have gotten a mini-crit, but makes you 20% more flammable

The Sydney Sleeper – Level 1 sniper rifle – On hit, Jarate applied to target for 8 seconds, but headshots don't do any more damage than a normal shot.

Hat: Ol' Snaggletooth

Spy Saharan Spy Kit

With all three pieces equipped, decloack sound volume is reduced, but you'll blink for a half-second longer when you cloak

Your Eternal Reward Knife – A silent killer. On a successful backstab you automatically disguise as your victim, but you can't disguise at will.

L'etranger Revolver – Does 20% less damage, but recharges your cloak power with every hit

Hat: Familiar Fez

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