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Watch 50 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds players shoot one guy in the ass

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is an immensely popular multiplayer survival-FPS in which the objective is to be the last competitor left alive. Naturally, that requires that everybody else in the game be dead. But what happens when everyone involved decides that on this day—at this hour—no blood will be spilled? In short, something very special indeed. 

Grenade-chucking contest. An off-road rally. Synchronized swimming. 50 people shooting at a frying pan taped to someone's ass—a frying pan that by all appearances is constructed of pure adamantium. All this and more, and it is wonderful. It is beautiful. It is epic

The whole thing is pure gold, and it's also incredibly impressive that the organizers were able to avoid that one (almost) inevitable jerk who insists on making a mess of things for everyone else. Alas, and tragically, the 50 Man Madness team was simply too beautiful to live, and it ultimately ended as it must: With a rank of people packing machine guns getting pasted in the face with frying pans. Farewell, brave troopers. 

Thanks, Kotaku

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