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Udon Dreams is a first-person adventure about sabotaging a spaceship


I like that Udon Dreams invites comparisons to immersive sims like System Shock or Deus Ex, but appears to be about something a whole lot sillier. Having a broad range of options and interactions shouldn't always be used to navigate dystopian hellscapes or uncover grand conspiracies, y'know?

Instead, in Udon Dreams, it's your job to infiltrate a resort ship in space and sabotage it before the grand opening. To quote the relevant passage form the TIGForums DevLog:

"It is a small-ish but dense open world and you are free to explore everything from the beginning. Your primary purpose is to fulfill your contract with the agency by degrading the resort ship via jobs they deliver to you. The missions range from murdering all fish in the aquariums thus ruining cool aesthetics, flying up to the top of the ship outside to destroy the communications tower, or even document secret proprietary technology on-board."

Its developers boast multiple ways to perform each task, saying that it's possible to interact with most of the game's objects. "Want inside that camera control room? Well you could talk/bribe the operator bot to let you in, or figure out his route to get inside and time it right, or break the window open by swinging a heavy object into it, and so on and so forth."

It sounds great, looks stylish, and is making all the right noises about freedom of choice and approach. There's no release date yet, it seems, but keep an eye on the DevLog for more details.




Phil Savage
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