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Tribes: Ascend launching tomorrow, trailer previews Raindance and custom server options

Tribes: Ascend kinda-sorta soft-launched in late February—you could pay for access, and buy classes and weapons with real money. Tomorrow, Hi-Rez is peeling off the beta tag from the game, and in anticipation of that the studio has released a preview of two changes that'll be implemented when Tribes updates: Raindance, a port of one of the franchise's classic maps, and custom servers.

The changes reflected in the video just went live. Most of the video walks through custom servers—one of the Tribes community's most-requested features—which will be previewed in-game starting tomorrow and later be available for purchase directly through the developer.

Custom servers will finally lay the groundwork for better clan and competitive play in Ascend. A lot of folks, myself included, like hand-editing .cfgs when they're adminning a server, but I actually like that Hi-Rez is integrating that system into the game itself with what looks to be the right amount of complexity. It's a nice entry point for players who've always been curious but intimidated about server ownership.

We'll have a review of Tribes: Ascend online very soon.

Evan Lahti
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