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The latest Civilization 6 trailer welcomes Peter the Great

The latest Civilization 6 trailer introduces Peter the Great, a man who needs no introduction oh alright then I know nothing about Peter the Great. However I now know, thanks to the nice trailer lady, that he gets territory bonuses for his beloved Russia in Civ 6, that he can deploy Cossacks as unique units (Cossacks can move after attacking, fancy that), and that he has a rather enviable moustache.

Peter's ability benefits trade routes with more advanced Civs, so he should help to get your society up to speed in record time. Click on the below video to see Peter in action, or check out our hands-on if you want a more, well, hands-on take on Firaxis' game.

Civ 6 is out on October 21, so there can't be too many of these trailers left.