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The Epic Store Halloween Sale is live

(Image credit: Epic Games)

2020 has been a bit like a year-long Halloween, except instead of candy and fun with our friends it's a non-stop parade of horrific monsters trying to kill us. Anyway, the real Halloween is now just over a week away, and to celebrate the Epic Games Store has kicked off its Halloween Sale, with discounts of up to 75 percent on games that, to be honest, don't really have a unifying "spooky" theme running through them.

There are a number of appropriately frightful games marked down, such as:

But there are other, far less horror-soaked games are also on sale, like WRC 9 FIA World Rally Champoinship, Saints Row the Third Remastered, Slime Rancher, and some Jackbox Party Packs. It's a big sale, so even if horror's not your thing it's probably worth a few minutes of poking around to see if there's something you like. (If horror is your thing, though, Stories Untold is down to $2.50 and that's a couple bucks well spent as far as I'm concerned.)

The Epic Games Store Halloween Sale is live now and runs until 11 am ED on November 5.

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