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Take a tour of the Tempest in the new Mass Effect: Andromeda video

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 A new Mass Effect: Andromeda Initiative training update provides a closer look at the Tempest, the Normandy-like ship that will carry you on your mission, and the modular off-roader Nomad it carries inside.

The Tempest is a runner, not a fighter: It's not weighed down by heavy armor, nor does it sport a main gun. But it is equipped with advanced stealth systems, and also state-of-the-art crew quarters, research facilities, tech and bio labs, and even the Pathfinder's cabin—a well-appointed pad with a great view, which is of course off-limits to the rank-and-file. (Unless you invite them up, that is.) 

Down in the cargo hold you'll find the Nomad, the updated edition of the mighty Mako that gives intrepid explorers the ability to go cruising on alien worlds. It features interchangeable four-wheel or six-wheel drive, a rear fuel-injection boost system "to propel you forward"—basically a Batmobile turbine—and vertical thrusters to enable jumps. On-board systems, and even the paint job, can be customized to adapt the vehicle to different environments.   

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be out on March 21 in North America, and March 23 in Europe.