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PC Gamer US servers

Got servers? We do. Here are all the details you'll need to hop in a game with PC Gamer US.


IP: Port: 3796

Need a voice solution to use with your game friends? Hop in our 300-slot public Ventrilo server, with dedicated rooms for your favorite multiplayer games. Download Ventrilo from .

ArmA 2


War realism with up to 60 players! Our ArmA 2 server is dedicated to co-op, and new player-friendly. Join our military antics every weekend.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 servers

IP: - The War Bagel. 32-played dedicated Conquest mode.

IP: - The War Scone. 22-player dedicated Conquest mode.

IP: - The War Croissant. 22-player dedicated Rush mode.

Counter-Strike: Source


26-player capacity, running the excellent Gun Game mod.

Garry's Mod


Our GMod server runs the Prop Hunt mod, a ridiculous take on hide-and-seek with Source engine objects.

Killing Floor


A stock environment for six-player abomination-killing.

Left 4 Dead 2


Stock settings, with more custom campaigns added each month.

Team Fortress 2


A home to hundreds of regulars, the "The MaxPC/PCG Experience" represents a perfect balance between competitive and casual play. Our flagship server.

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