The new PC games of 2018

SIMS OF 2018

Farming Simulator 19

November 20 | Giants Software | Link 

"Farm like never before with Farming Simulator 19!" claims publisher Focus Home Interactive. If we had to guess, we'd go with the more accurate "Farm a lot like you did in 2017, but with some new stuff!" Apparently there are horses this time around, along with new farm equipment, "big brands," and new crops. What more could a farmer ask for?


Late 2018 (Currently Early Access) | Flashbulb Games | Link
Like building an impossible vehicle of Legos and watching a younger sibling destroy them, Trailmakers asks you to build wild wheeled contraptions and then watch as physics rips them apart. You can play in sandbox mode or the expedition mode which lets you build and add onto your vehicles in a long-distance trek across a foreign planet. Trailmakers’ modular pieces appear to invite creativity and disaster in equal measure.