Ghost Recon Breakpoint: everything we know

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is out later this year. The biggest change from its predecessor, Ghost Recon Wildlands, comes in the setting: Ubisoft is moving Nomad away from Bolivia and into the fictional Pacific island-esque open world of island of Auroa (not Aurora—we triple-checked). There's a notable villain this time, too: Jon Bernthal’s character, Cole D Walker, and his band of rogue Ghost agents known as the Wolves.

Below, you'll find all the information currently out in the wild (lands) about Breakpoint, from release date to setting, character info and more. I'll also explain how you sign up for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is coming on September 5

Alongside a new trailer featuring antagonist Cole Walker giving his troops a speech, Ubisoft revealed the date for Breakpoint's beta. You'll be able to go on a survivalist misadventure on September 7, and you can sign up for it here

Ghost Recon Breakpoint trailer shows us more Jon Bernthal, introduces the Wolves

The latest Ghost Recon Breakpoint trailer, revealed during Google's Stadia event, gives us a better look at Jon Bernthal's Cole D. Walker and his gang of goons. You also get a lovely snapshot of Breakpoint's island setting, and lots of nasty-looking drones being brought to life. He really is Colonel Kurtz for the modern age (except his monologues aren't as good). 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's release date is set for October

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has a release date: October 4th 2019. That’s more than enough time to get Wildlands off your pile of shame, like I am right now, before jumping into the next entry in the Tom Clancy series.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint story and setting: what we know

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Breakpoint takes us to the fictional island of Auroa. As with Wildlands, it's an open world environment, and it'll feature a host of different locations each with their own sense of place. Breakpoint promises isolated snowy peaks, abandoned urban areas, lush rainforests and sandy, rocky hillsides. 

Bernthal's villain was first revealed in the recent Operation Oracle DLC release for Wildlands, where he played as an ally. Here's the announcement trailer if you missed it:

After crash landing on the island of Auroa, you (Nomad) have to regroup with your team and other agents, overcoming a series of obstacles often led by a mysterious group hunting you down. Your opponents are also armed with some advanced and  strange technology, which comes from the presence of the Skell technology facility on the island. 

Skell has a type of AI tech that becomes increasingly autonomous, and therefore more dangerous. It’s up to Nomad and his teammates to figure out exactly what’s going on while being tailed by advanced drones, the followers of company leader Jace Skell, and the mysterious pack of Wolves. Here's a story trailer with more of that in action:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint's gameplay is more survival focused

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

If you play Breakpoint in singleplayer, you won't have AI buddies in the game to join you—instead, a drone pal will help pull off some of the feats you'd usually accomplish in co-op. Survival plays a big part in Breakpoint, with an injury system being a significant feature. In Breakpoint you’ll get specific injuries which will affect you in different ways, such as slowing you down or affecting your gun-slinging abilities. 

Tied into this is a camouflaging ability that will allow you to stay hidden in tough spots, or if you're injured. You'll have to put extra planning into each scenario, with each looking a bit more complicated than taking on bands of drug dealers in the Wildlands landscape. Fans of drones, like me, will be pleased that they remain an important mainstay, and fans of short cuts, like me, will also be pleased by the introduction of snipping through fences as an in-game option. 

Beyond the co-op, there will also be multiplayer PvP so you can test your squad against other bands of merry folk. Check out the trailer below for more:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta and post-launch content details

Ubisoft has stated that the first year will bring us a lot of extra downloadable content, like story-related stuff, new gear, and special events. Raids are coming, too, which are new to the series.

The first chance to experience Breakpoint will come with the beta. You can gain access to it by registering with Ubisoft, or by pre-ordering any edition now from the Ubi Store, through your Uplay account, or the Epic Game Store. 

There is already a confusingly large array of editions to choose from: the Standard, Gold, and Ultimate editions are available from both Ubisoft and Epic—the latter two also include a Year 1 pass—while you can also go for the limited Wolves Collector's Edition direct from Ubisoft. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will probably feature in Ubisoft's E3 2019 press conference

Ubisoft has confirmed that its E3 press conference is happening on Monday, June 10 at 13:00 PT / 16:00 ET / 21:00 BST. Keep your eye on that for more information.