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Ghost-hunting horror Sylvio could be getting an ambitious sequel

Sylvio 2

The original Sylvio might, visually, have been a bit basic, but the fantastic music and voice acting, and winning EVP mechanic went a long way. If you've not had the pleasure, it's a game where you wander around a creepy old amusement park, using a tape recorder to communicate with the dead. Because good things do sometimes happen, there's a sequel on the way, or there is if it reaches its Kickstarter target anyway.

Sylvio 2 seems much more ambitious, adding video-recording and analysis to protagonist Juliette Walters' bag of ghost-hunting tricks. Also, "explore a vast, flooded, burnt, foggy world, by foot or by dinghy". That sounds right up my alley, and this trailer confirms it:

There's a playable prototype that you should download if you're interested, and while you're waiting, here's the setup for Sylvio 2:

"Juliette Waters, ghost recorder and EVP-specialist is back again to face the darkness that resides in Saginaw Family Park. The story takes off where the original Sylvio ended, the park has been ravished by a forest fire and heavy rainstorms, resulting in extensive flooding. Juliette travels the vast park by foot and with the help of a dinghy, solving environment puzzles, searching for spirit activity and exploring the lands."

Ta, IndieGames.