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Fortnite creative codes: the best custom maps

Seven games in one - 2900-4196-3823

A great map for hanging with friends. Featuring seven games, including ATK sumo, Duck Hunt (your friends are the ducks), a grapple arena, and more, this is an easy recommendation for pals looking for somewhere to mess around between squad games. 

Storm Runners - 3632-0591-6558

A tricky parkour challenge with a simulated storm to keep you moving. If you're looking to put some pressure behind your platforming, Storm Runners is for you. 

Skyscraper Escape - 5350-4663-4208

Descend floor by floor and take on puzzles and parkour challenges along the way.

Portal - 8883-7894-7324

This one is wild. 10 full stages designed to emulate the effect of moving through portals, a la the classic videogame, Portal. IdiotsPlayGames even made a model GlaDOS out of Fortnite assets. Fun parkour in a creative, familiar space. 

Crab Rave - 8552-3258-2013

The recent addition of music blocks to Creative mode has completely reinvigorated the community, and Roeloffsyt's Crab Rave (based on this old gem) is one of the first exemplary music stages. 

Giant Ice Dragon - 4351-4005-8292

Created as a Block Party submission, PrudizCreations' Giant Ice Dragon is exemplary of how you can use seemingly simple tools in ways they weren't necessarily intended to make something wild. It's a damn sculpture. 

Escape the Dream - QJAG - 5496-4876-0626

An intricate maze that makes clever use of black tiles to disorient and induce crying. Some challenging platforming can frustrate, but the surreal visuals make it worthwhile.

Lordly Labyrinth - Jespergran  - 1991-9282-9857

An dense, detailed maze made for The Block that does excellent work as a standalone hide-and-seek playground.

Tiny Towers parkour challenge - 9674-8089-7319

Hop around a tiny interpretation of Tilted Towers. Can you reach llama at the top without building or using glider redeploy? I sure as hell can't. 

Snipers vs. Runners -  7352-4203-8482

One player needs to get from point A to point B, all while another player snipes at them from afar. A novel mode that makes for good practice, too.

Mystic Islands - CCruzFight - 6609-4915-0804

Eye candy and a great deathmatch map for snipers, Mystic Islands are a proof of concept by CCruzFight. By making use of some prop variables, they were able to flip a rock upside down and create floating islands.

Battle Bus Hide & Seek - LordSpinkingham - 9653-5199-9021

It's hide-and-seek in a massive battle bus. Enough said.

Warm-up Course - Candook - 5618-2963-5299

If you're just trying to get some wins under the belt, this course is the perfect place to practice complex edits, builds, and shots (sometimes in combination) before failing all night long.

Looming Llama - St0rmh4wk - 1090-0783-2499

This creation reminds me of the bit in Wild Wild West that takes place in/around a massive mechanical spider. This is that machine, but a llama.

A badass bridge - Tollmolia  - 9795-3537-9919

It's not much for deathmatch or hide-and-seek, but it's doing well in the Very Cool Bridge department. An example of the foreboding detail possible with Fortnite's building tools.

Green screen - Josherzzz - 1523-9832-0089

Want to make complex machinima? Bad memes? Use this simple map. 

Nuketown Reimagined - 2012-6281-8095

I didn't play much Call of Duty back when, but I still know Nuketown like the back of my hand. Here it is in Fortnite... reimagined.

The Cube - Ferrinheight - 7512-6248-2736

A maddening death trap, a maze built to torment—it is CUBE.

Explorer - Snekiecr8 - 6224-0839-9043

What if Salvador Dali played Fortnite? What if M.C. Escher was Ninja's dad? Well, I'm not sure, to be honest. But this sure is a neat, disorienting, and surreal platforming challenge.

Dust 2 - VariousPurple - 1068-0274-9341

It was inevitable. Play the classic CS map in Fortnite.