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Download This — Organ Trail


Download This is a recommendation beam fired directly at your brain. Look here for mods, lesser-known games, and player-created content worthy of your time. If there's something you'd like us to showcase, yell at us in the comments.

Come say hello to our new weekly video segment! Today we're playing Organ Trail , a zombie survival-themed homage to its homophone game, The Oregon Trail . Tyler, myself, and The Dark Knight drive a busted station wagon across the United States in search of a new home. What can possibly go wrong?

You can grab Organ Trail: Director's Cut on Steam , Desura , or through the developer's store .

Evan Lahti
Raised by a Team Fortress Classic clan, Evan can only communicate using multiplayer FPS jargon, sort of like that Star Trek: TNG "Darmok" episode. 2fort, when the walls fell...