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Black Friday SSD deals 2019

Black Friday SSD deals 2019
(Image credit: Samsung, Crucial)

Snagging a Black Friday SSD deal can make a huge difference to your PC's load times. While SSD prices have dropped significantly over the last few years, taking advantage of one of the many Black Friday deals due to run through November and December is the perfect way to get some extra storage for your games. You'll immediately notice faster load times, making even the biggest games that much quicker to play.

Although there's likely to be plenty of modest deals on smaller drives, Black Friday is a great time to secure big savings on larger storage devices—such as an SSD big enough to hold Red Dead Redemption 2 or Modern Warfare—or on more expensive SSD options like an NVMe M.2 drive. As noted in our guide to the best SSDs for gaming, NVMe drives are by far the fastest option when it comes to read/write speeds, but, outside of sales periods like Black Friday, aren't as cost efficient as SATA drives.

Bookmark this article and, when Black Friday rolls around this November, we'll help you find the best SSD for your rig.

Black Friday SSDs—when do they go on sale?

(Image credit: Crucial)

While Black Friday itself isn't until November 29, you can expect the deals to arrive well before then. Previously we've seen sales start about two weeks in advance, so you should start checking any SSDs you want to buy in the sale from around November 15 onwards. As for when you should snap up that deal, that's not quite as obvious. Most retailers will save their best deals for Black Friday itself, but there's no guarantee that your chosen SSD will be included, or that it will still be in stock. If you're looking for the absolute best deal, it pays to be flexible—waiting for November 29 and snagging one of the headline SSD deals. But if the drive you're sure you want has a decent discount anytime in late-November, it's worth getting it then and there.

Beyond Black Friday, the deals won't stop. Cyber Monday will kick off on December 2, and the deals from that date will likely for until the week after, probably around December 9. From there, the deals could run into Christmas itself.

Best SSD deals right now

Samsung 860 EVO | 1TB | SATA | $129.99 ($10 off)
If you need a plain and simple SATA SSD, the 1TB version of the Samsung 860 EVO has returned to its lowest ever price of $130. View Deal

Sabrent Rocket | 512GB | M.2 NVMe | $59.98 ($31.29 off)
This 512GB NVMe SSD from Sabrent is at its lowest price ever. If your PC supports NVMe, this will make a great boot drive. View Deal

Samsung T5 | 500GB | USB 3.1 | $89.99 ($40 off)
If you need an external SSD, this drive from Samsung is an excellent choice. Also available at Best Buy.View Deal

How to save money on SSDs during Black Friday

(Image credit: Crucial)

You can expect to see a lot of price cuts this November, so how can you be sure you're actually getting a good Black Friday deal? While we'll be searching out the best possible deals during the event itself, there are also a handful of common sense tips that will help make the process feel less overwhelming.

1. Check the price history

Every retailer will be touting its massive price cuts, but are those discounts as good as advertised? Sites like CamelCamelCamel can help you check. As well as letting you easily compare the price of a selected drive across many different sites, it also gives you access to its price history. A common trick is to display massive discounts based on the manufacturer recommended price—a price that drive may not have actually been sold at for years.

2. Do the research

Does your motherboard have an M.2 slot? Will your most played games all fit onto a 1TB SSD? How much are you willing to spend on extra storage? It's worth taking some time to find out what you need or want, and what drives would help you achieve that. Some flexibility will help you get the best deal, but it's also worth setting a budget to ensure that you're not spending slightly more on a good deal for a drive you don't actually need.

Black Friday SSD Deals from 2018 (Expired)

While these offers are no longer available, knowing what Black Friday SSD deals were available last year should give you an idea of the kind of discounts retailers might offer. We've included a selection of SATA and NVMe drives of different sizes to give you an idea of what might fit your budget and needs.

Seagate 3TB IronWolf NAS Hard Drive | $79.99 ($29.75 off)
Another one of Seagate's NAS hard drives is now on sale—the 3TB IronWolf.

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA | $115.99 (save $50)
SSD storage is awesome, but you know what's better?
More SSD storage! This drive was already discounted to $128 at most retailers for Black Friday, but it's now $11 cheaper from Newegg's eBay Store.

Samsung 1TB 860 EVO SATA III M.2 SSD | $127.99 ($70.00 off)
The 2.5-inch version of the 1TB 860 Evo has been $128 all weekend, but now the M.2 model has dropped to the same price. Keep in mind this is a SATA drive in an M.2 form factor—it's not as fast as an NVMe drive.

WD Blue 500GB SATA M.2 SSD | $69.99 ($35 off)
Western Digital's 500GB M.2 SSD is $35 off the original price, and $10 off the previous price. Keep in mind this is a SATA drive in an M.2 form factor, not a faster NVMe M.2 drive.

Crucial P1 500GB | M.2 | NVMe |  $87.99 (save $22)
This is a very, very sharp price for a 500GB M.2 drive with NVMe rather than SATA support. Not the fastest NVMe drive in history, but great value.

Crucial MX500 250GB SATA SSD | $42.99 ($10 off)
The 1TB Crucial MX500 is
one of our top choices for an SSD, and now the 250GB version is $10 off.

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