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Cyber Monday PC case deals

It's Cyber Monday, and tons of PC parts are on sale, including some of the best PC cases. Whether you're making a new build from scratch or moving your existing PC into a nicer enclosure, this is the best time of the year to pick up a new computer case at a discount.

Enclosures typically don't change much year to year—in fact, our current top PC case pick was released in 2017. Still, there have been a few new products that caught our attention over the past year, like Corsair's Obsidian 500D and Fractal Design's Define R6. There are some great deals, too. Here are the best of them:

Cyber Monday PC case deals

NZXT | 10% off Sitewide + Free Shipping
NZXT makes some of our favorite cases, like the H700i and the S340, as well as fans, coolers, RGB lighting kits, and now motherboards too. Use code CYBERMONDAY for 10 percent off sitewide, plus free shipping. Shop at NZXT

Newegg | Case deals | Up to 29% off
Newegg has a variety of cases on sale for Cyber Monday, including a bunch of Corsair boxes for up to 29% off. Shop at Newegg.

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower | $139.98 (save $40)
Corsair’s flagship Crystal 570X includes three RGB fans and an integrated LED controller. The 570X is wrapped with tempered glass panels, making it easy to show off your lighting. Out of stock. Buy on Newegg

NZXT H440 | $84.99 (save $55)
A great steel mid-size tower case from NZXT, perfect if you're on a budget. It's got two USB 3.0 ports and 11 internal 3.5" drive bays. Buy at Newegg

Enermax ECA3520 | $49.99 (save $20)
There are many cases, and opinions vary greatly on what looks good. This Enermax supports 240/280mm coolers, which was a requirement for our high-end build, and it's 29 percent off right now. Buy at Newegg.

Corsair Carbide 88R | $39.99 (save $15)
This is already a budget-friendly case, and the current $10 rebate card brings the price down to just $40. Note that this is a microATX case, so you'll need a smaller motherboard. Buy at Newegg

UK deals

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mirror | £131.74 (£51.25 off)
Tempered glass is all the rage right now, and this mirrored effect from Corsair captures it perfectly.  And with £50 off, how can you refuse? Buy at Amazon.

Expired deals

NZXT H400i Micro-ATX | $116.45 (save $33.54)
A mini version of one of our favorite mid towers. Perfect for fitting a high-end gaming PC in a compact package. It includes three fans and two RGB LED strips. Buy on Amazon

NZXT H700i Mid-Tower | $164.99 (save $35)
Our case of the year in 2017. Its smart hub makes it easy to control your fans and RGB, and the H700i comes with four installed fans and two RGB strips. Buy on Amazon

These deals have expired, but they may come back. They're listed here for reference, and also so you can see what the going price was on earlier deals.

NZXT H200i ITX Tower | $100 (save $30)
This is our favorite mini ITX case on the market. It has a great cable management system for easy expansion, and it's a great choice for building a compact but high-end PC. Out of stock. Buy on Newegg

Thermaltake View 31 | $107.13 (save $22.86)
If you like to see inside your PC, this mid-size tower from Thermaltake has dual-tempered glass windows. Buy at Newegg

Corsair Carbide 275R | $59.99 (save $10)
Compact, simple, an affordable. Corsair's Carbide is a great mid-tower with great cooling support. Buy at Amazon

DIYPC Solo-T2-R Black | $19.97 (save $20.01)
Budget cases are easy to find. Budget cases that don't absolutely suck are a bit harder to come by. DIYPC's case is perhaps a bit garish for some, but it's sturdy and will get the job done, for only a Jackson. Out of stock. Buy at Newegg.

Rosewill Cube Mini ITX/Micro-ATX/ATX Mid Tower | £46.99 (£70 off)
If you're looking for a case on a smaller scale, and all the tempered glass and blue LED fans you could want, then this Rosewill Cube is for you. Out of Stock. Buy at Newegg.

NZXT H500i Black/Blue Tempered Glass | $109.62 (save $22)
The price has gone up a little, but this is still a small deal on NZXT's H500i, an attractive case with a tempered glass side panel. The black/red variant is $5 cheaper if you want that. Buy at Newegg

Thermaltake View 71 | $99.99 (save $70)
Both tempered windows swing open to provide easy access in this full tower case. It's discounted $40 plus an additional $30 via rebate card until November 25. Buy on Newegg

Corsair Carbide SPEC-OMEGA | £104.23 (£35.26 off)
Encase your beloved components in this sleek and stylish structure from Corsair (with tempered glass, no less), at just a shade over £100. Buy at Amazon.

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