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And in other PC gaming news...

Battlefield 3

Congratulations, you've won a free game! Yes, all of you. If you haven't already, grab yourself a free copy of Imperium Romanum before the offer expires on Friday. Go on, you deserve it.

It's been a good day for free things. Earlier we learned that Battlefield Play4Free enters open beta next month, Call of Duty: Black Ops will be giving away lots of free XP this weekend, and the new Fallen Enchantress DLC for Elemental will be free to everyone who bought the game before November last year. Check out our round-up of February's best free games for even more free games.

It's a good thing too. Our wallets need protecting from the army of amazing releases coming our way. Check out the incredible Battlefield 3 footage if you haven't already, and have a read of our first impressions , complete with gorgeous screenshots of the game. You can follow everything PC related at GDC with our GDC 2011 tag. For now, here's what's been happening in the world of PC gaming.

  • EA are looking to steal the FPS crown from Activision. They're saying Frostbite 2 will reinvent shooters

  • Meanwhile, Infinity Ward say that making a new engine for Call of Duty would be counter-productive.

  • Warning: this TF2 Engineer rave track may get stuck in your head forever (thanks, Jaz )

  • Crysis 2 won't use EA's Online Pass system.

  • Kaos Studios have been outlining the PC specific features for Homefront.

  • Jane McGonigal says games should stop exploiting players , that extrinsic rewards miss the point and are “things that we try to reach for because they improve our status... but not because they're things we want in and of themselves.”

  • Bioware say they're developing Mass Effect 3 with fan feedback in mind, and hint at a future for the series beyond Mass Effect 3.

  • A study into video game violence and depression finds little correlation once personality is introduced into the variable.

We've seen some pretty amazing fan made videos recently but Find Makarov is spectacular. Before today I never thought I'd want to watch a full length Call of Duty film, but my mind has been changed by that scene of a man skydiving into the exploding night. It got me thinking about what I'd put in the movie. If you were making a Call of Duty film, what would the plot be?

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