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And in other PC gaming news...


Do you agree with our Top 100 PC games of all time ? No, not all of it but most of it? Read it then let us know what you think in the comments. Try not to swear or get too angry, OK?

But those games are already out. They're old news. Today's content also includes Tom's Mass Effect 3 wishlist . He loves the series so much that he's already scared it might not live up to expectations. Reassure him in the comments, and post your own suggestions for Bioware's perusal.

But, for now, grasp your new issue of PC Gamer UK tight. You might need to use it as a shield from the incoming onslaught of PC gaming news that'll hit when you click more.

No games were played in the office today (apart from two games of Starcraft II at lunch). Something terrible has happened which Tom reports on here . Bring hankies. :(