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And in other PC gaming news...

Saints Row 3 Thumbnail

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the first ever And in other PC Gaming News Luchador Special! Inspired by the Saints Row 3 Walking Apocalypse trailer we are having our inaugural PC Gamer wrestling competition! In the red corner there is Craig "The Shambling Armageddon" Pearson, and in the blue corner Rich "The Strolling Cataclysm" McCormick!

Who will win? Find the results and a round up of PC Gaming news inside. Including some surprise PC Gamer news.

  • The PC Gaming Reader , a collection of the best articles from PC Gamer, Edge, PC Zone and PC Format, is now available in ebook form.
  • Eurogamer say Activision are condemning EA's 'mudslinging'.
  • TG Daily say Microsoft have confirmed an app store for Windows 8.
  • Crytek are releasing the Crytek 3 SDK free of charge.
  • Blizzard's Dota game will be released 'near the launch' of Heart of the Swarm according to Eurogamer .
  • Check out this new co-op video for Trine 2

The answer? Neither! Tony "The Sauntering Ragnarok" Ellis rushed into the ring and floored the both of them with a steel chair. But answer me this dear readers, if the PC Gamer staff really did don luchador masks and fight for your entertainment, who would win?