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And in other PC gaming news...


Endermen; a scary name for a terrifying creature. Notch talked about his ongoing attempts to frighten the PC gaming community to death earlier, explaining that that... oh God, I just saw one. He was carefully re-arranging Owen's desk but now he's stopped and is just staring at me. I can't look away, I can't break eye contact and I absolutely can't blink or he'll get me.

What I can do though is give you a round up of today's PC gaming news.

  • The Battlefield Heroes devs tweet us that they're giving away free Minecraft shirts this weekend.
  • Chantelise came out today on Steam. It's made by EasyGameStation and translated by Carpe Fulgar, the same combo that did Recettear.
  • A Redditor spots a Gearbox forum post which says they'll be patching Duke Nukem Forever to include the ability to carry four weapons at once.
  • RockPaperShotgun has some new Tribes: Ascend screenshots.
  • Destructoid report that if you buy the Humble Indie Bundle you'll get to play Minecraft till August 14th.
  • EA Sports tell Now Gamer they're interested in publishing indie games.
  • Joystiq report that Gamestop will let you pay for your digital games by trading in physical ones.
  • Massively spot an ArenaNet blog post that confirms they'll be showing off Guild Wars 2's PvP at Gamescom.

Okay readers, my eyes are starting to dry out so I need you to answer me something quickly; how should I deal with this Enderman?