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And in other PC gaming news...

Today in the PC Gamer offices debate raged after we watched this anti-aug protest video, which is totally real and not at all a viral ad for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Graham was worried that we were playing god, Rich wondered if bionic arms would improve his actions per minute in Starcraft. I asked Tom Francis, who was recently augmented himself, if he thought he'd lost an essential part of his soul, but he would only say "101010111101100001" while staring at me with his glowing red eyes.

Check inside for a round up of today's other PC gaming news.

  • IGN report on the new League of Legends hero; Wukong the Monkey King.
  • Eurogamer say 'discussions have begun' at Relic over Space Marine 2.
  • Massively report on the launch of Eve is Real , a website collecting screens, videos, art and stories about Eve.
  • We won't see the first Respawn Entertainment game till 2015, according to Eurogamer .
  • VG247 interview David Jaffe over his recent words on the hype surrounding Battlefield 3.
  • Business Insider highlight a startling drop in players of Zynga games.
  • GameInformer look at the art of Dishonored.
  • Rare talk to Eurogamer about the possibility of a Star Trek holodeck one day.

Tell us PC gamers, if the technology was available, would you augment yourself?