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And in other PC gaming news...

Teemo is Cuuuuuuuuuuute thumbnail

Today in the PC gamer offices Owen entered his first League of Legends ranked match and would like everyone to know he totally 'pwned'. Which I think is Welsh for 'achieved victory in a sporting and considerate manner'. He's managed to get the whole office playing it in our lunch breaks. Currently Owen is enjoying building an army of turrets, Rich likes to snipe things from the bushes and I've become interested in something called 'jungling' which is apparently not a bizarre sex act, even though it sounds like it should be.

More news, less bragging inside.

  • RockPaperShotgun cover the new Positech game. Gratuitous Tank Battles.
  • IGN have some details on Team Meat's next project.
  • Face acting guy is back! With part three of his face acting to bad voice acting video series.
  • Reddit draws our attention to this experimental touch screen strategy game.
  • The Terraria Forums has some info on the new 1.6 patch.
  • Rumour has it Windows 8 might let you play Xbox 360 games on your PC, at least according to Teknylate
  • GamesRadar tells us that game composers have joined together to release a Japan earthquake benefit album
  • Dead Island will be 25-30 hours long, according to this Gamespot interview.
  • Orks Must Die! has another 'Trap Spotlight' trailer.
  • Well it seems people easily defeated Valve's Left4Dead 2 challenge. So CVG tell us they will be releasing Dead Air early, but they can't say when.

Do you play League of Legends readers? What champions do you like? Do share, we're still learning.