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Amazon's 24-hour 'Digital Day' sale begins at midnight

Good news for those of you who need more things to throw your money at: Amazon is getting into the year-end bargain business with a 24-hour "Digital Day" sale. Beginning at 12 am PT on December 30 (aka midnight tonight), Amazon will offer "up to 80 percent off hundreds of videogame titles," plus assorted deals on movies, television shows, comics, and other popular content of the digital sort. 

In the lead-up to Digital Day, Amazon has a number of other deals on the go including Cities: Skylines for $10, Rocket League for $12, Dishonored 2, Titanfall 2, and Watch Dogs 2 for $40 each, and, let's see... how about The Stronghold Collection for $4. Oddly, some of the games among the markdowns, like Metro Redux or the non-deluxe edition of Cities: Skylines, are listed as "currently unavailable," although I suppose it's possible that Amazon will wheel some stock out of the backroom for the start of Digital Day. Metaphorically, of course. 

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