The PC Gamer Top 100


Release year 2004 Last position 59

Unreal Tournament

Wes Remember when first-person shooters shipped with 100 maps? And ten game modes? And were really, really fast? Unreal Tournament 2004 is the crescendo of that era of shooter design, and nothing has topped it since. Tyler After-work instagib is a PC Gamer tradition, and I never want it to end. Evan Yeah, instagib is what holds up most. It's pure marksmanship with a level playing field played at high speed. Other than Quake III, nothing challenges your reflexes so directly and relentlessly.


Release year 2010 Last position New entry

Fallout new vegas

Ian By taking the series back to the West, New Vegas became the updated version of Fallout and Fallout 2 that I always wanted. The bleak loneliness of the desert has never been more fun to explore. Craig It's the PC's greatest postmodern Western: I play as a wandering gun, bringing order to the dusty plains, living the life of a Stephen King character, while wearing a stylish hat and sharp suit.


Release year 1998 Last position New entry

Final Fantasy VII

Andy A grand, sweeping RPG that mixes surreal humour, genuine heart, and fun tactical turn-based combat. The materia magic system is still a pleasure to experiment with, Nobuo Uematsu's emotive score is absolutely heartbreaking, and that moment still plays my heart strings like a cheap fiddle. Excuse me, I have something in my eye.

Samuel Scrap those stupid MIDIs and I'm in. FFVII has aged better than any other entry in the series.


Release year 2013 Last position New entry

Saints Row 4

Richard I loathed Saints Row. Horrible, mean-spirited rip-off. Skip forward a few years, and to my shock, Saints Row IV was easily my game of 2013. The silliness speaks for itself. It's one of the funniest games around. But it's also one of the warmest, the Saints ending their story as a family who have each others' backs to the end of the world and beyond. To be part of that, just for a while, is an honour and a joy.


Release year 2001 Last position 49

Return to castle wolfenstein

John My favourite first-person singleplayer campaign by far. With lashings of inspiration from films such as Where Eagles Dare and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return to Castle Wolfenstein explores the Nazis' dabblings with the occult and fearsome technology. The game is brimming with hidden Easter eggs, booby traps and a German soldier desperately trying to deliver a consignment of posh cheese.


Release year 1991 Last position New entry

Monkey Island 2

Richard While it's not the laugh-riot people sometimes claim, Monkey Island 2 is a blistering reminder that adventure games were once the trendsetters and pioneers of PC gaming. Created by legendary designers at the top of their game, its atmosphere, characters and humour remain the benchmark that designers across the industry still aspire to reach, and the love and care in every pixel show off why. When a simple library-card catalogue can make you laugh harder than many supposed comedies, you know you're playing something special. It's also still the game I point to as a demonstration of many comedy writing rules. And in terms of details? It literally took years before I spotted what LeChuck's hat on the box actually was. A game that can still surprise years later is a game that more than earns its place here.


Release year 2011 Last position New entry

Cave Story

Wes Put this on the Super Nintendo and it would only be the second best open-ended 2D adventure on the system, behind Super Metroid. But on PC, Cave Story+ is king: a remastered indie landmark, set in a brilliantly interconnected world dense with secrets and power-ups. The shooting, jumping, levels and pixels all feel like they were handtuned to perfection for years and years. Because, in fact, they were.


Release year 2012 Last position 95

Hotline Miami2

Samuel My most replayed game on this list by far. While my interest in the fluff story has faded, my obsession with nailing the combo windows has not. The soundtrack is probably responsible for about 50% of its continued appeal. Ben It makes you feel at once delicate and dangerous, like that scrawny druggy who comes up to you on the street begging for cash. From the pulsing soundtrack to the acid-grime visuals, the aesthetic intoxicates while the savagery disgusts.

52 LEFT 4 DEAD 2

Release year 2009 Last position 9

Left 4 Dead 2

Wes The real star of Left 4 Dead 2 is Ellis's buddy Keith. Remember that time Keith drove his car off a cliff and broke both his legs? Classic. Evan I keep saying it every year, but if you haven't modded it with your friends you're missing out on one of the most bottomless treasure troves of free content in PC gaming.

Tom L4D2's zombies flow over obstacles with the screaming fervour of a mob of Justin Bieber fans. Blasting the undead back with an auto-shotgun is endlessly satisfying.


Release year 2006 Last position 19

Company of Heroes

Tom A beautiful marriage of realtime strategy and late '90s WWII movies, Company of Heroes is still an essential PC game. The transition from fraught infantry scuffles to tank battles is perfectly paced, the dynamic cover system that forces you to adapt to changing terrain has only been attempted since in Company of Heroes 2. Relic carved out a new direction for real-time strategy games back in 2006, and nobody's beaten it since.


Release year 2013 Last position New entry

Battlefield 4

John Launch day was a disaster, the first few weeks a write-off and the months that followed a painful reminder that people will leave if something doesn't work. Almost a year later, the few in my clan who still play are enjoying BF4 in its golden years. Though netcode is still a problem, I've racked up 400 hours enjoying those wacky shooting-a-jet-with-a-tank Battlefield moments that you never forget. Visually, the game and all of its DLC packs have been incredible, matched only by the game's pace and action.