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Release year: 1998 Last position: New entry

Curse of Monkey Island

Andy The radical change in art style—particularly the lanky new Guybrush—didn't appeal to everyone, but this lavish, handdrawn Monkey will always be my favourite. It had the colourful sparkle of a Disney animated film, but better jokes, and ditching the wall of verbs for a Full Throttle all-in-one menu made the adventurin' itself much more streamlined. Emanuel The crest of the LucasArts adventure game golden age. It was beautifully drawn, and had just as many great jokes in the logic of its puzzle design as it did in dialogue.


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Company of Heroes 2

Tom The torrid campaigns of WWII's Eastern Front are a great fit for Company of Heroes' brutal RTS formula. The deformable snow and sudden cold snaps reflect the bitter Russian winter, but the chance to harness the rumbling might of USSR heavy armour proves even more exciting. The sequel slightly overcomplicates the original's nearperfect blend of micromanagement and broad strategy, but it's still breathless, loud and superbly tense.


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Splinter Cell CHaos Theory

Craig The first properly emergent neck-snapper, and the co-op is basically Mission Impossible. I keep coming back because it humanised the man in the shadows: he's glib and silly in the face of nuclear weapons, kidnaps guards and talks about monkeys and Terry Gilliam's Brazil.


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John The foulest language and fattest arms ever to grace the PC, and what a great combo. Within the first couple of minutes you're beating a man to death with a lead pipe so you can steal his crowbar (instead of paying a dollar for it), bribing a bum with whisky and trading stolen goods for pistol accessories. A huge hit for rap fans, Kingpin's soundtrack was created by Cypress Hill and the game even had cameo character voiceovers from the big man B-Real.


Release year 1999 Last position 68

Freespace 2

Richard The sad thing is that while it deserves its title as best space sim of the last ten years, that's partly because there hasn't been much competition. But the fans updating it and keeping space stocked with missions ensure it's still well worth checking out, even now that both Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous are finally making space awesome again.


Release year 2013 Last position New entry

Starbound 610x240

Tyler It's mildly crazy that an incomplete Steam Early Access game is on this list, but being 'complete' is relative. If you define 'complete' as 'big, fun, and exceptionally well-crafted' then Starbound is far more complete than plenty of other games. 2D block building and crafting is primarily a Minecraft offshoot-genre and Starbound isn't the first or only game to do it well, but I think it's the best designed and most fun. Craig There is a mod that adds beekeeping. It's pretty sweet.


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The Sims 610x239

Philippa The original was the best. My favourite part was the minigame where you had to prevent your child being removed by social services. Harder than Dark Souls, that.

Samuel I'd never played anything like it at the time. Nothing else brought out my sociopathic tendencies in quite the same way.


Release year 2012 Last position 35

Planetside 21

Andy On your own PlanetSide 2 is lonely, confusing, and not much fun. Band together with friends and it becomes one of the most thrilling large-scale online shooters on PC. Watching rows of tanks fire at each other across a vast, icy canyon as infantry clash below and aircraft streak overhead is about as exciting as multiplayer gets.

Chris It's an incredible spectacle—an increasingly rare example of a game that feels like it's using all of your PC's horsepower. I agree that it can be a bit of an empty experience playing by yourself, but it still transmits that feeling of playing the best action-game cutscene you've ever seen. Where Call of Duty relies on scripts to crash its helicopters just so, PlanetSide 2 supplies you with all the dynamic space helicopter crashes you'll ever need.

Tyler Get two friends and a Liberator; you will know fun.


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Assassins Creed 4

Tom Your crew cheers when you return to your ship, sing sea shanties as you sail and watch tentatively as you hop onto an island for the odd assassination. Assassin's Creed at its most joyful and adventurous.

Chris It's a great fantasy executed brilliantly, which is what helps it overcome the series' customary sci-fi waffle and all that unnecessary Ubisoft cladding. UPlay deleted my saves, but I forgot about that when I got out onto the open sea again.


Release year 2001 Last position New entry

Operation Flashpoint

John Starting with the PC Gamer demo disk, then onto the full version a couple of months later, this was the game I launched a clan for, which is still chugging along in Battlefield today. The enormity of its islands and range of vehicles were what made it special at the time, but its mapping and modding abilities have been its true legacy, in the form of a thriving community that still exists in the Armed Assault series today.