The best PC games of 2012



Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release: Spring

Rotastic's been doing the rounds on Xbox Live already this year, but it's set to swing onto the PC next spring. It's 2D platform gaming at its most simplistic, where your character swings around levels to grab goodies. It does look a bit iPhoney, but also offers perfectly-formed casual gaming for the masses, with a two-player versus mode for if you get bored of the old singleplayer format.


Publisher: Closure Team

Release: Spring

A haunting monochrome puzzleplatformer from Tyler Glaiel and Jon Schubbe. You'll solve environmental puzzles in a world where objects only exist when they are illuminated. It looks remarkable, with strong art direction establishing an identity for the game alongside the Limbos and Braids of the world. It won Excellence in Audio at the 2010 IGF as well as 2009's IndieCade Gameplay Innovation award.