The best PC games of 2012


Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WW2

Publisher: City Interactive

Release: Autumn

Aerial combat simulators have gained momentum in recent years, and Combat Wings takes us back to World War II. Again. Apparently it's all been painstakingly recreated from actual battles and aeroplanes, while maintaining a arcade level of approachability. Combat Wings could open its doors and pelt us with bombs of fun.

War Wings: Hell Catz

Publisher: Mad Catz

Release: 2012

The first game from noted peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz, War Wings: Hell Catz is part of a planned series that will explore a variety of different eras of air combat. This first sortie is set in World War II's pacific theatre and looks to be a little more arcadey than its more traditional simulator cousins. Nonetheless, it's probably safe to expect that there could well be more than a few tie-in flightsticks and the like.