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The best Minecraft custom maps

Questworld: Shipwrecked

More showing off with redstone. Questworld is a breathtakingly clever example of the way you can weave puzzles into towns, then have different elements combine into a great natural centrepiece. Plenty of humour, lots of stories and sidequests, and a secret puzzle if you're feeling really clever. Download Questworld here.

Revenge of the Gods

Revenge of the Gods is an exploration heavy adventure map. It's a relatively sedentary experience, played on peaceful, about finding your way and working through the story and puzzles. What really makes it worth a look is the absolutely spectacular open areas that you're travelling through. It makes for a beautiful tourist attraction. Download Revenge of the Gods here.

Ruins of the Dead

Minecraft has zombies, which makes it a pretty suitable candidate for zombie survival games. In Ruins of the Dead you—and some friends, should you download the separate multiplayer version—must battle against wave upon wave of increasingly difficult undead hordes. To help you survive this perilous trial, you collect points for every zombie killed. Those points can be used to purchase a selection of weapons and goodies. Download Ruins of the Dead here.


And now for something semi-morbid: a full 1:1 scale recreation of Pripyat and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It's a work in progress map, but even now is incredibly detailed and accurate. It makes for a fascinating Minecraft project, really highlighting the lonely, eerie emptiness that sometimes shines through in the game. Download Pripyat here.