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The best Minecraft custom maps

Sonic the Hedgehog

Gotta go fast! As it is for Sonic games, so it is for Sonic maps. In a change of pace to the standard parkour format, this map is all about completing the course as quickly as possible. At the start, you're given special boots that let you run faster, jump higher and fall safer. As you sprint through this version of the Green Hill Zone, you'll find obstacles, checkpoints and even spring pads to propel you on your way. Download Sonic the Hedgehog here.

Star Wars

In case you hadn't noticed yet, fan-made remakes of popular franchises make up a decent chunk of the custom map scene's output. In case you were worried: yes, there is a Star Wars one, and it's called "Star Wars". It was the first adventure to be created by the now prolific Hypixel, sending you on a short quest to save hostages and disable an AT-AT. Download Star Wars here.

Escapecraft 3

Escapecraft is map series that brings room escape adventure gaming to Minecraft. Each one is a collection of puzzles that make use of the game's - er - interesting physics system to create some highly memorable moments. Escapecraft 3 is probably the most fiendish release yet, featuring some really kinetic rooms full of redstone powered mechanisms and fishing rod based challenges that are lot of fun to work through and (hopefully) defeat. Download Escapecraft 3 here.

Minecraft's Edge

It was inevitable that, when parkour maps became a thing in the Minecraft community, someone was going to do a Mirror's Edge based one. Minecraft's Edge is a series of jumping puzzles that go through buildings, around rooms and down into a sewer. Unlike Assassin's Creep, here you follow a linear route, but are required to make some tricky technical jumps to get where you need to go. Download Minecraft's Edge here.

Ant Farm Survival

Ant Farm Survival is a map set in an ant colony looking out over a giant Minecraft house. Inside this slice of terrain it's up to you to do the usual survival map things: scavenge, craft, explore, build, and complete a series of entirely unconnected challenges just to prove that you can. Here you have the bonus objective of destroying the mob spawners that are pumping out enemies and visiting the menacing Nether ant farm. Download Ant Farm Survival here.