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The best Minecraft custom maps

Adventure Time Adventure Map!

Had this just been a recreation of the Land of Ooo, that would have been enough. Adventure Time: Adventure Map goes even further, with a mathematical challenge through Pendleton Ward's weird cartoon world. Across its many missions, you'll be given heroic quests pulled from episodes of the show, including They Went to the Nightosphere and Trouble In Lumpy Space. To really highlight the look of the show, the download also includes a texture pack. With it, Minecraft is transformed into an explorable cartoon full of colour, fun and giant candy structures. Download Adventure Time Adventure Map! here.


Ironfall may not be the biggest PvP map among the Minecraft community, but it is the only one that lets you call down giant robots golems from the sky. As an adaptation of Titanfall, it's remarkable—containing not just falling uber-weapons, but also a double-jump move, a selection of guns, and a recreation of the game's Rise map.

Rather than download the map, you can access it directly from The Chunk—a multiplayer server that specialises in a selection of multiplayer maps and game types. To play it, just directly connect to "" within Minecraft and find the portal that leads to Ironfall. When you enter, the game will automatically download any files and resource packs that you need. We've come a long way from the dark days of building crude hovels out of dirt. Find Ironfall here.


Gloria is a brilliant bit of adventure map creation with some really innovative use of redstone circuits to support its questing system. The map is inspired by Lost, starting after a shipwreck and sending you to help out the survivors and work towards a mysterious facility.

There are plenty of puzzles to tackle and fights to be fought. The whole thing is presented beautifully with a great custom texture pack and a new soundtrack in the form of songs to play in the background (Minecraft adventure mapping is still delightfully crude). Download Gloria here.

Assassin's Creep

Parkour maps are comprised of huge strings of jumping puzzles. They're either great or desk-thumpingly frustrating depending on your tolerance for losing huge chunks of progress after mistiming a ladder jump. Where most offer a long string of linear platforming, Assassin's Creep is an open town full of rooftops to clear and spires to clamber up.

Your job is to track down nine blocks of wool from the top of towers. But, as in the game it's not-so-subtly inspired by, there's also plenty of hidden feathers in chests about the map. Assassin's Creep comes with a custom texture pack to give everything that Altair feel. Download Assassin's Creep here.

Deep Space Turtle Chase

In Deep Space Turtle Chase you play Professor Tagonist (geddit?), who awakes from cryogenic stasis to track down and apprehend a criminal aboard a mining station. What follows is a truly impressive adventure full of puzzles and exploration around a surprisingly dense sector of deep space.

It takes a bit of work to install, but the full experience contains both a custom texture pack and a selection of unique sound effects and music. It also contains some fantastic set pieces, with the suspiciously minecart shaped escape pod journey from the exploding space station being a particular highlight. Download Deep Space Turtle Chase here.