Telltale announces The Wolf Among Us season finale launch date with new trailer


The final episode of the first season of The Wolf Among Us is coming on July 8, and to mark the moment Telltale Games has released a brand-new "Cry Wolf" promotional trailer. But consider yourself warned—there are spoilers.

The Wolf Among Us has had a pretty good run since its October 2013 debut, but soon it will all be wrapped up—at least until the second season begins. Telltale announced today that the fifth and final episode of the first season, "Cry Wolf," will be out next week, and as is right and proper at such times, it's also unleashed a new cinematic trailer. As noted above and also at the start of the video, there are spoilers, so watch at your own risk.

If you're not familiar with The Wolf Among Us and want to see what all the fuss is about, take a moment to check out our previous reviews, all right here: Season one , season two , season three and season four . The first season of The Wolf Among Us is available in full (except for the fifth episode, of course) at .

Andy Chalk

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