Sponsored Post: Vindictus Xtreme Edition


Vindictus isn't just gearing up for a European release, the new 'Xtreme edition' reworks the game in many ways to make it more accessible to the new influx of players.

Check inside for a round up of the changes.

The Xtreme edition, despite it's intimidating name, is actually slightly easier than the previous edition of Vindictus. The barrier to entry is lowered with faster movement and higher damage for all characters. However the addition of higher difficulty modes means that, as you progress, the game will become as hard, or even harder, than it's original incarnation.

Other changes include:

  • Jumping has been added, letting players leap over traps and small monsters for easier, more fluid movement.
  • You can no launch monsters into the sky! Hitting an enemy with a special attack will send them soaring upwards, allowing your to combo them while they're helpless.
  • The new and improved combo system will rack up points with successive hits. Get enough of those and you'll be able to unleash a devastating finishing move.

Vindictus has already grabbed people's attention with it's physics driven, kinetic combat, and these changes look set to push that advantage home further.

Find out more on the Vindictus website.