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The new PC games of 2020

New games of June 2020

Death Stranding

"Early Summer" | Kojima Productions | Link | Geopolitical QWOP
Hideo Kojima's first game since unshackling himself from Konami and buddying up with Sony. Shockingly, we get a PC release only half a year or so after the PS4 debut, if estimates are to be believed. Reconnect a post-apocalyptic America by delivering packages and establishing network links. As you can imagine, that's the simplest description of a Kojima game we can write without getting into dissertation territory.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Spring 2020 | SEGA | Link | MMO
Against all odds, the classic MMO is somehow, somehow coming to western shores. It’ll be free-to-play, and will include all updates and content currently available to eastern players.

Empire of Sin

Spring 2020 | Romero Games | Link | Crime Sim/Tactics
The Romero family brings the mean streets of 1920’s prohibition-era Chicago to life in a very XCOM fashion.


June 2020 | Klei | Link | Card-Based Adventure
It’s a deck-building roguelike set in a sci-fi realm, with that signature Klei art style.