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The new PC games of 2020

New games of May 2020

New World

May 2020 | Amazon Games | Link | MMO

We played a bit of New World in 2019, and it's an interesting one—it doesn't seem 'revolutionary,' as so many MMOs brand themselves, but smartly-designed. At The Game Awards, Amazon revealed a new cinematic trailer and a release month: May 2020. Before the reveal, we had a chat with the game's director, which you can read here.

Wasteland 3

May 19 | inXile Entertainment | Link | CRPG
Wasteland 3 has been long in the works by inXile, but since their acquisition by Microsoft, the studio has likely been able to take its time to make it great. So far, Wasteland 3 looks like a refinement of the sequel's mechanics in a brand new setting: Colorado.


May 22 | Tripwire Interactive | Link | Shark-PG
Grow up from a baby shark (do-do-dodo-dodo) to Jaws himself by swimming around an open world, chomping on sealife, other legendary beasts, and bounty hunters who probably taste even worse. Somehow they made being a shark more of an RPG than you might expect, but it definitely comes with plenty of blood.